• David Pettifer

New digs in an incubator

Hey Queens,

Excitingly we've been given a space on a start-up incubator by The University of Birmingham!

What does this mean for Drags 2 Riches?

  • A swanky new office space in the heart of Birmingham City Centre. We're now based at The Exchange in Centenary Square.

  • A space to meet people and host events! We're aiming to run some playtest events with some of our games startup friends in Birmingham.

  • Access to world leading mentorship to help develop Bored Wreckers Inc (our games design studio) and bring Drags 2 Riches to market much sooner.

  • Giving back to the community! we'll be working with LGBTQ+ charity partners to run a fundraiser evening here. If you know a charity that could benefit from our help then get in touch.

Drop us a message if you think you think we could collaborate and use this space for the good of the LGBT community!

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